Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak says he wants to step down now, but can't

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Anthony Cash
AFP via The Sydney Morning Herald


He needs time to properly funnel out his wealth.


He's not moving. The common people are running low on money, provisions, and patience, and a larger part of them are becoming pissed with the demonstrators for not letting them get back to work and life. The demonstrators themselves are tired, bruised, and scared, as well as increasingly cognizant of their own divisions (secularists don't like marching next to folks screaming for shariah). The riots will get smaller and smaller, more scattered, until they're gone and over. Mubarak will retire in September, and hand the government over to Suleiman. In the meantime we'll see a rising tide of AQ activities in the country, veterans from the Islamic State of Iraq, As Shabaab, GSPC, and Al Gamaa Al Islamiyya.

Perhaps the only way this will not happen is if they storm Mubarak's palace in Cairo, but it is so far from Tahrir Square and so well defended, I doubt it very much. All these camp outs are achieving now is getting run over, shot, set on fire, and crying. "World, don't you see us suffering?" "Yeah, that's awesome!"