Zawahiri and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

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Very fair and accurate summary of Al Qaeda/Al Ikhwan relations.
Niccolo and Donkey

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I got called a communist by an old bitch today, I pass the offense onto you dear Dickolo.

Bob Dylan Roof

Assuming the Muslim Brotherhood maintains the goal of establishing a theocracy, their approach will be much more dangerous to al-Zawahiri's "Crusaders" than al-Qaeda and other practitioners of partisan warfare. The crusaders bring with them constitutional, democratic-republican government, which, in the context of anti-liberal and anti-western political movements, amounts to a form of institutional slave morality. Indeed, so long as radical Islam presents itself as a hostile, violent enemy, the crusaders will maintain a muscular posture, because the nature of one's enemy tends to define one's own nature. However if Islam takes the legal path, there is no obstacle to their seizure of state power, because the crusaders are beholden above all to a religion of democratic representation and mechanical legality.

Islam need only follow the model of the Marxist-inspired legal revolution that has been incrementally destroying the west for over a century.