The Rise of Generation Zero, Part 2a: Lexington in Tunis, Concord in Cairo

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Part 3 will be along next Monday, or possibly sooner if I really get motivated, but I wanted to comment on the significance of the rioting in Tunisia and Egypt. Generation Zero’s war to destroy the ancien regime has begun, and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak are the first casualties. Take a good look at that picture, men of the West, because it’s coming to a city near you.

Advocatus Diaboli has done yeoman’s work in analyzing the Egyptian riots, and here are two snippets from his latest post that distill the issue to its core:

1. Those countries have high rates of youth unemployment AND a very high percentage of their population is young. The median age of most countries in that region is low (mid to late 20s). There is no real opportunity for social advancement, better jobs and they are aware that the status quo won’t change by itself.

4. The populations in those countries have a healthy skepticism of their government AND businessmen. They have not bought into Calvinistic/free-market bullshit or European deference to governmental authority. It appears that they can smell shit even if it is labelled as chocolate.

But-but-but hasn’t anyone told those whiners in the streets of Cairo that nobody owes them anything?! Somebody should tell those worthless whippersnappers to stop bitching and get a job!

The young men of Tunisia, Egypt and the rest of the Arab world are a Generation Zero unto themselves. Cast into a cultureless world in which they have zero prospects for success under the current regime, they’re not taking being pissed on by their society anymore. None of Mubarak’s attempts to fight them have worked, because you can’t fight a critical mass of your own citizenry looking to jam your decapitated skull on a pike. And that’s what Egypt’s revolution is – a true grassroots uprising, not orchestrated by any ethnic group or faction. You can’t fight that any more than you can fight a fire by shooting at it with guns.

But they killed the Internet! Except that you can circumvent their digital censorship with a 56k modem. Is the government going to cut all the phone lines next?

But the police and intelligence services are going to clamp down on dissent! Except the people who’re supposed to keep the rabble in line have mysteriously vanished. Sociopaths who are able to torture and kill their countrymen without mercy or remorse tend to have no loyalty to anyone but themselves, and at the first sign of danger, will leave their masters twisting in the wind to save their own asses.

It’s over for Mubarak, and it will soon be over for the nations of the West, whose children are in a similar situation. Once the ranks of the disillusioned reach critical mass, there will be nothing stopping the streets of America, Canada or Britain from looking like Egypt. And every minute the government fails to fix the problems with modern society is one in which the ranks of the disillusioned grow. It’s only a matter of time.

As an aside, I should point out something that the MSM idiots nattering about the “Jasmine Revolution” have overlooked - both Tunisia and Egypt are among the most progressive and Westernized countries in the Arab world. No one is safe from Generation Zero.

To be continued…