Outrageous Gun Bill in Utah

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Outrageous Gun Bill in Utah

This story by way of Moonbattery, tells us that the State of Utah is preparing a bill to declare the M1911 handgun, the official gun of the State of Utah.

This level of infamy and arrogance by Utah cannot be allowed to stand.

The M1911 is the quintessential American gun of the 20th century. It is globally one of the most copied patterns in all of gun history and fills every market niche from entry level imports at the $380 price point to high end match grade guns costing thousands. The US Army got rid of this gun in 1985 in favor of the 9mm Beretta, only to scrounge for thousands more to put back into the field in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When Jihadis are comparing their battle wounds in US hospitals in Afghanistan, those shot by the 1911 proudly display the thumb-sized holes in their flesh, while those shot by mere 9mm are silent. The quietest are those brought low by the wimpy 9mm Mak rounds. Those guys get as much respect as if they had surrendered without being wounded.

By taking the field early, Utah is trying to capture this glory for itself, as if the other 49 states (56 if you are Obama) have no claim whatsoever to patriotism, martial esprit or courage. This cannot be allowed to take place.

I call on Congress to declare the M1911 as the official Handgun of the United States of America.

Otherwise, every state will start claiming various handguns on a first-come-first-served basis and Virginia (being a slow, deliberative legislature) could end up with the Walther PPK/s or something made by Kel-tek.

There could be war.
Posted by Professor Hale