Stratford-upon-Avon African skeleton was Roman soldier

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Stratford-upon-Avon African skeleton was Roman soldier


January 25, 2011


A 1,700-year-old skeleton shows that people of African descent have lived in Warwickshire for far longer than was previously thought, experts say.

The skeleton of an African man was discovered buried in Tiddington Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, in 2009.

Archaeologists said they now believed the man may have been a Roman soldier who chose to retire in Stratford after serving in an African unit.

Investigations into the man's background are continuing.

Malin Holst, of York Osteoarchaeology Ltd, said he had identified elements of the mature African male skeleton in bones unearthed from a Roman-period cemetery.

Stuart Palmer, from Archaeology Warwickshire, said: "African skeletons have previously been found in large Romano-British towns like York and African units are known to have formed part of the Hadrian's Wall garrison, but we had no reason to expect any in Warwickshire and certainly not in a community as small as Roman Stratford."

He added the bones revealed the man was heavily built and used to carrying heavy loads. He had suffered arthritis in one of his shoulders, his hips and lower back.

Mr Palmer said: "His teeth showed that his childhood was plagued by disease or malnutrition, but there was no evidence for the cause of death.

"He could have been a merchant, although, based on the evidence of the skeletal pathology it is probably more likely that he was a slave or an army veteran who retired to Stratford."

I saw a documentary that found a genuine East Asian skull in ancient Rome (the Italian Peninsula). They suggested he was Chinese, there for trade.

Rome swished a lot of peoples around, sending Romans out among the Barbarians, bringing Barbarians in among the Romans... everyone knows that. What's interesting to see is that it threw barbarians from one end of the empire in with barbarians on the opposite end, Northern Europeans in Africa, Africans in Northern Europe, Levantines in Iberia, Iberians in the Levant.

The intended propaganda impact of this article, however, is just to convince indigenous Europeans that it isn't so unprecedented for non-Whites to come and live among them. 'Why, if an 'African' soldier in Rome's service could settle in Britain, why not Jamaicans and Nigerians?' But if anything, it should remind native Brits that multiracialism is a symptom of having been imperialized.


I'm thinking slave.

President Camacho

How could they determine the origin of a 1700 year old skeleton? In Sociology 101 I learned that genetic differences within populations are greater than those between distinct populations. :tard2:

Liberals shun science when it obstructs their aims and use it whenever it can advance their whackjob egalitarian dipensationalist theology.