"Prole Drift"

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President Camacho

A question to the men in the audience – would you cheat on this:


....With this?


Michelle is somewhat attractive, I’ll admit, [disregard this --PC] but the hideous tattoos are a deal-breaker. I’m retching a little just looking at her. And yet Jesse James was able to bang this slag on the sly for nearly a year straight. I know Sandra’s getting old, but a man like Jesse has options, and THIS is what he picks?

I’ll leave any speculations on James’ alphaness or lack thereof to the commentariat, because I’m too lazy to research this right now. But alpha or beta, the guy still has awful taste in women. Between this and Tiger Woods’ seraglio of low-grade skanks, the march of prole drift continues apace. What becomes of a culture whose overlords are as philistine as the peasants who worship them?


Niccolo and Donkey

I still don't know what "Jesse James of 21st century" is famous for.

Maybe the trend began with Bill Clinton and his awful taste in women? I'm not sure.

But we can all look to Silvio Berlusconi for inspiration as he is a man with great taste.



[​IMG] [​IMG]


Sandra Bullock has an insufferable personality. But yes, it's beyond me why he resorted to a tattoo addict.

Nic, Jesse James made millions building custom motorcycles in LA, and signing with Discovery Channel to make a show out of it.

He's a dumb wrench wielding grease monkey.

Berlusconi's taste is typical among Mediterranean men. You see them on every soap opera and talk show in the region, and every urban woman tries her best to emulate their look. Sexy, sure, but not the dorm girl I prefer.



Jesse James is a prole's prole. He and Bullock were the Odd Couple.