The new Kanye West album

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First great album of the decade.

First true example of what '21st Century' music will sound like.

Thoughts? Cunts.

Niccolo and Donkey
Pitchfork gave it a ten out of ten. I need to give it a good listen but I find that it's hard to do so simply because his personality is incredibly grating. I am hoping to find some nice production work on it. The last hip hop album that is on steady rotation with me is GZA's "Genius" from 1995. Since then, the only stuff I really appreciate is mixes by turntablists like DJ Shadow, Kid Koala, and Cut Chemist. Hip hop has grown fat on commercialism and has lost originality.

I've never liked anything he's done, so I'll need some convincing.


The production is supreme. Also, he very slyly undercuts his whole persona. You know, he's not actually like that all the time: its an act to flog records.