"Sperm-hunter" pokes holes in condoms during ovulation cycles in desperate attempt to get pregnant

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LARA CARTER has slept with 20 strangers in the past year - in a desperate and reckless bid to get pregnant.

The self-confessed "sperm hunter" uses ovulation kits to tell her when she is most fertile then pretends to be drunk, throwing herself at unsuspecting fellas and making it obvious she wants sex. If Lara, 25, meets a man who wants to use a condom, she will offer one from her purse - which she has already pierced a hole in.

Lara, an assistant office manager, says: "This is absolutely the right time for me to have a baby and nothing is going to stand in my way.

"All my friends have babies and I desperately want to be a mum.

"I don't have a steady boyfriend and feel my time to have a baby is running out. I only need a man to provide his sperm - I would have no interest in seeing him again. That is why I'm a sperm hunter."

I've looked into getting a sperm donation but it's too expensive."My nearest private clinic costs £295 for a consultation then it would cost a further £2,000 for a donation.

"There are plenty of men out there willing to have a one-night stand for free." Lara - who often wears a wig to protect her identity when she goes out - has a strategic system in place before she goes out on a night out.

She says: "First, I check if I'm ovulating. I have spent a fortune on the expensive tests. They cost £20 for a pack of five but there is no point going out and meeting a man if I'm not at my most fertile. After getting dressed up - and putting on a wig - I meet some friends at a bar and instantly start looking for potential sperm donors.

"As I am big-busted and like to have fun, guys are instantly interested in me.

"I immediately make it obvious I'm only after a one-night stand and most blokes are always up for that. As I need to stay in control, I don't get drunk but pretend to be tipsy and flirty.

"Men like it when a girl is a bit drunk. It gives them more confidence. Most of the time I drink soft drinks when I'm out but pretend they are a vodka and mixer.

"When I find a potential sperm donor, I get their first name and ask if they have any STDs. If they haven't and we end up spending the night together, I'll sneak out in the morning.

"When I don't want to spend the whole night with a man, I'll get the deed over and done with before I go home. I've had sex in some unusual places, including a car and even nightclub toilets.


On the prowl ... Lara works her magic on an unsuspecting bloke during a night out in the hope they will end up in bed
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Fat pig.


You need a gal like that, Nic.