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Bronze Age Pervert

I went movie-hopping today and saw two very different movies. The first was Peter Weir's The Way Back. It was very good, even though the writing had a few off-notes because American writers can't really capture convincing dialogue from 1940's Soviet Union, and it made a confusing use of both subtitles and accents. There was too much explanation of historical events in the dialogue, which made me cringe a bit. But overall the movie is very strong because it avoids sentimentality and feminization. It's a lot like Master and Commander in this way. The only two women in the movie are shown to be weak, passive, dependent creatures. Most of the movie is about a band of friends fighting against nature and commies. This last element was refreshing because the criticism of communism is not the New Left garbage; it goes out of its way (and I have to say the writing is somewhat contrived here too, since they somehow end up in a Buddhist temple in Mongolia to demonstrate this) to show that communism was evil especially in its destruction of religion and of national identities, as well as the human spirit and freedom. The scenes from the Siberian concentration camp are good but don't dwell on the stupid suffering like a Holocaust movie would. It's an old-fashioned escape movie, a men-against-nature movie, and it's about a group of white men, again, no stupid and contrived concessions to "diversity." The images are great too.

Then I walked into No Strings Attached which would have been loathsome feminist propaganda if it wasn't so preposterous and surreal. Hat tip: Roissy. It's about Natalie Portman as a "genius" of the SWPL "gifted children" variety (i.e., high test scores and academic "achievement" :tard2: ) a frigid, cold neurotic entirely given over to her career, who enters in a fuckbuddy arrangement with Ashton Kutcher. In the movie Kutcher is shown to be the son of a fabulously rich and famous father, to have a "cool" Hollywood job, a cool apartment, besides being handsome and good with women: yet at the same time the movie expects you to believe that for mysterious reasons he is, after all, having trouble finding easy sex and having trouble with women. So he is good with women, they want to set him up as high-value, but when Natalie Portman appears he is also bad with women. This vulnerability conveniently makes him easy clay in the palm of Natalie Portman who uses him as a human dildo for quick pump-and-dumps. Some women do use men like this, but besides the inconsistency I just mentioned, it's not explained why Kutcher's character should not be satisfied with the easy sex with a girl who's essentially a frigid whackjob...he is also shown to pine for a relationship with her and make a fool out of himself with unrequited gestures at romance. She comes off like a deranged, mechanical and frigid freak, and isn't as attractive as he is. There's nothing erotic at all about their sexual encounters. But for some reason, not only does he think she is a real catch that he wants to pursue for LTR, but so does her supposedly alpha doctor co-worker. The movie by the way drips with status-whoring SWPL references to colleges, medical internships, etc., it's very offensive to watch in that way much like the Social Network. Natalie Portman becomes the center of attention as Kutcher, the fun-loving slacker alpha (who nevertheless is having trouble with women) and the Harvard crew-team alpha doctor get into a garbage rivalry over her. I left the theater after the doctor, in front of his Prius, told off Kutcher's character by saying "You're just the guy she's fucking for fun in the bathroom, I'm the guy she'll marry because I can provide for her," no exaggeration that's about what he said. "I'm the one taking your cumrag home, bitch! I'm the more mature one!" Throughout this dreadful showing there were three obese individuals of unknown ethnic make-up in the front row, hollering: including one giant hippo with a small kid that she let run up and down. The three of them started really hollering during a scene where pot is shown. Feminist delusion and SWPL feminization on top of underclass going feral and expanding, etc., you know this story...