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Converting a set of his blogroll to a cloneable Yahoo! pipe...



As a badge:

<script src="">{"pipe_id":"d1e5ef47ed94bc0f22868e3db6b17317","_btype":"list"}</script>
Sample web page with the Byssus Pipe [tm], here . Just paste the above code anywhere in the <body> section, where you want.

According to Swift, the Yahoos were a very interesting tribe, though the world seems to have left them and Carol Bartz's matriarchy behind....

To be specific, for you hacktivists:

1. I created a Yahoo! pipe with the aggregate of Byssus' blogroll: -- specific content linked in the above post.
2. I added the RSS feed for the said pipe to a Pligg installation,
3. I used to create a feed from that RSS to

This amounts to: every hour or so, the blogs Byssus likes will be pulled and fed to Yahoo. About every hour the Pligg will pick them up. Then eventually, after 30 minutes, tweetfeed will feed them to Twitter. This means there will be a 'tweet' pointing to a pro-White news site that Google, Yahoo!, Bing and every other wannabe bot in the Cyberverse will scrape [sorry - they are effing *pounding* my site - I'm working on that], and say 'hey there's some significant news here' and thus rank it highly.

The net result is that keywords #whigger #race @weremight will become highly useful as search terms... everywhere on the net. Byssus: create a Twitter account. I would rather say @byssus than #byssus, but it's not a showstopper for me.

Learn, and do thou likewise, O Grasshopper. Pligg or Pligg not. There is no tweet.