A Clarification About The Future of Filmaking

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A Clarification About The Future of Filmaking

My previous post on the topic was left with an ambiguous conclusion by design. Let me explain..

Most of you cannot think of possibilities other than those you have heard about, from someone else. That is not a put-down, but reality.

Historical shifts and changes are seldom due to just one “magic” advancement, technological change or paradigm shift. A lot of the supporting and enabling pieces of a new way exist prior being brought together by circumstances and that one final stroke of genius/chance.

For the entertainment industry, it has always been about cost and logistics barriers to entry. There are far more talented people than the few who become famous and compensated. The same is true about ideas, as large companies often play safe and discourage true innovation.

Technical skill is a far less important factor than most of you realize because practicing will improve technical skill and polish. Technology is now inexpensive enough for people to try out different things, make mistakes, learn from failures and improve- in other words.. evolve.

Entertainment has become a far less unitary experience than a world where your TV choices were restricted to a few channels. Even the universe of 500 channels was still run by people with very similar views on content and design- which is why it all looked the same. Widespread availability and USE of high-speed and 3G type technologies are fairly recent (last 2-5 years) trends, as are critical mass and network sizes for social media sites and concepts.

Ever compared screenshots of Half Life (1998) to Half Life 2 (2004)? What about the original GTA (1997) to GTA IV(2008)? How many of you would have predicted that a simplistic mobile game like Angry Birds would be such a hit? How many of you buy porn videos now than, say, in 2006? What changed? How many of you get your news, opinions and analysis from non-traditional media as opposed to a deep voiced guy on TV or the editorial of some publication? How many of you hear about new trends from FB, Twitter or other social media?

Do you really think the type of content, its mode of production, advertisement and distribution are immune from the effect of new possibilities created through inexpensive and ubiquitous technology? I am not saying that change will result in total destruction of the current system, but the landscape will me far more different from what most of the naysayers can imagine.

As an example- Would you prefer entertainment with fantastic special effects but some clichéd storyline or one with great special effects but considerable and easy changes/extensions to the main storyline which was seamlessly connected to other mental universes, should you choose to do so? Even 4 years ago, that was too hard to achieve for the average guy on an average budget, plus the networking component with other mental universes was not streamlined.

It is really about high quality and easy to use connected mental universes with low barriers for entry and much more innovation than I can predict.