Getting banned for a dissenting view on the US Civil War at The Atlantic Monthly

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Niccolo and Donkey

Haha... Unreal.

Very touchy. Now that I read the context, that guy is a freakin' moron. Why is it impossible that the typical story we are fed as children isn't true? Does he deny that Santa doesn't exist?


You forgot to mention that Black slaves were sold and owned by Blacks, in Africa and the Americas, that many slaves were White, that Jews had a prominent part in the slave trade, that the Union army committed atrocities against Confederates, combatant and non-combatant, and that Lincoln, along with most Northerners, was not fond of Negroes.
If you're going to get banned, might as well get it all in there.

Anthony Cash

I see that the avatar of the guy who banned you is black. I don't know for sure if he or she's black, but I suspect that that may have something to do with it.

Since the CBSC banned Money for Nothing for being aired on the radio, you should also know the drill by now as a Canadian and get use to the political correct censors that's coming to your PC monitor next to you. I'm afraid that even the rest of the world wide web should get used to it by now too. As they say, it's the sign of the times.

They've already banned holoca$h denial in much of the west IRL, now they want to censor the internet? Fucking leftist, Jew World Order, PC pieces of shit. What's next?

Bob Dylan Roof

Good job, Nic. But I disagree with the assertion that Lincoln was a tyrant. The Constitution contained a dilatory compromise postponing the political decision on whether the Constitution was merely a freely-terminable compact between the states, or an existential contract creating a perpetual union. While the structure of the modern state implies the latter, there is nothing in the Constitution suggesting either interpretation; and the ratification statements of the several states indicate that this confusion was pervasive. Lincoln simply represented one side of a political dispute that could not be resolved by law.