LOL Brendon O'Connell LOL

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Niccolo and Donkey

Those of you who posted alongside myself at LibertyForum will recall this guy quite vividly:

Racial hatred trial opens in Perth

Niccolo and Donkey
Brendon O'Connell gets three years :

President Camacho

LOL 3 years for yelling at some smarmy yid.
All I got to say is GOD BLESS AMERICA :ameritard:

It's funny though how we are still seemingly behind the rest of the Anglosphere in destroying citizens' rights despite our pioneering head start.

Anthony Cash
You'll see that the likes of the ADL, SPLC and other like-minded organisations will gradually find a way around the first amendment to your country's constitution if they haven't already.

So much for the hubris that the west in general, and the anglosphere in particular that it's a bastion of freedom. And yet these western governments still cave in to pressure from the Jews and their multi-culti allies to curb 'hate' speech.

CHRIST! Three years. Fuck me, you'd get less for robbing a 7/11 in Victoria. But WA has a very strong South African Jewish emigre population and he's probably been made an example of. I didn't follow the case in detail but I can imagine him making a cunt of himself in court and angering the bench a fair bit. But three years, Christ any jail, is a joke when you don't hurt anyone in a true physical sense.

Absolutely political decision although I doubt he'll do anymore than 12 months actually inside if he behaves himself.

Niccolo and Donkey
I foresee him putting himself up on the Cross, possibly a hunger strike or anything to get media attention.

He was alright in my dealings with him. Not keen on Jewish folk, but could talk footy. Weird bloke but polite enough.

Niccolo and Donkey
How many LFers have now been in prison for one reason or another?

Loner got busted on grow op charges, Ismail Royer on terrorism, that Schiff guy for tax evasion.....can you recall anyone else? Did John Deere get nabbed in that e-gold fiasco?
Which one was Ismail Royer?

I remember when I first posted as the Great_Mufti some idiot Muslim there sent me a PM telling me to 'tone it down a bit brother'. Cretin.

WindRiver had done jail in the beforetime for coke dealing.