Ixabot Revived on IRC

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By popular demand, I have revived the IRC Ixabot.

To connect, you need IRC client software (if you are on windows and don't know what to do, download http://www.mirc.com/ trial version -- it's not free but you can try it for free).

Connect to server whigdev.weremight.com on the default port (6667 if you need to know...)


/join #sb
/nick Guest_1234

The ixabot will only speak to you if your nick begins Guest_ followed by some numbers. Sorry - he's built that way, to not annoy others.

Whatever you say will be analyzed against the first 27 persons who joined the Lyceum. Are you Ixabert? Paste some text and find out....



Endless fun, for the whole family.

Possible answers, for the curious:

And, for those who miss their old magic 8-ball:

But wait... there's more:


I like that "blah blah blah Carl Schmitt" is sufficient to trigger 'Roland'.


The Lyceum training corpus used for the Ixabot is now online...

Replace "query=" with your favourite search term... use '+' for spaces

http://www.anglolatin.com/cgi-bin/search_lyceum.cgi?query=Willis+Carto also brings up 'Free Willie' -- there is a bit of search engine magic going on.



http://www.anglolatin.com/cgi-bin/search_lyceum.cgi?query=Carl Schmitt

http://www.anglolatin.com/cgi-bin/search_lyceum.cgi?query=Leo Strauss

... all your favourites.