Men of conviction, get in here

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Bob Dylan Roof

Two quotes to begin:

Men of conviction, why do you remain tethered to your truths?

I'm a solipsist, but that's boring, so I engage in all manner of moralizing and politicizing and religious inquiry, poorly. If I were less convinced that I'm all that exists, perhaps I'd be more tightly tethered to my mind's favorite pet, Qutbism. But the high degree of certainty I have in my being alone gives me the slack to regard all -isms as dumb toys, however passionately I play with them.


I think without lacking conviction one can become mired in self-doubt and cognitive dissonance. Thematically, experiencing a world of many truths leads to insanity. This was well played-out recently in the film "Inception"

Im Grenzenlosen sich zu finden,
Wird gern der einzelne verschwinden,
Da lost sich aller Uberdruss;
Statt heissem Wunschen, wildem Wollen,
Statt lastgem Fordern, strengem Sollen
Sich aufzugeben ist Genuss.

Weltseele, komm, uns zu durchdringen!

(The individual will gladly perish if he can find himself
again in boundless infinity, where all vexations dissolve;
where instead of passionate wishes and wild desires,
irksome demands and stern obligations, the self will
delight in self-surrender. Come, soul of the world, and flood through