Earth's Axis Tilts, Zodiac Now has 13 Signs.

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'Hey baby, what's your sign' has long been a pickup line, if not precisely an Alpha one. But the answer to that perennial question has changed....,8599,2042520,00.html

Hint: Teh Jew Media is all about teh snake:

AOL Time-Warner is all about Typhon , ever since its 'Brown Bros. Harriman' (q.v.) and Henry Luce/Dubya days, you see. See also, the wife of Typhon, whom our Lord Jesus called, the 'generation of vipers'. Then, you will know what the 'platypus' joke is about. Echidna lulz.

Er, anyone who knows the skies knows that Ophiuchus cut the constellation Serpens in half.

Ophiuchus -- isn't he the guy who killed the snake encircling the earth in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion ? Just sayin'.

For details, see Usernamen's videos. (Fascism, Ophiuchus, and Arthur C. Clarke on the subject of Tamil Tigers -- you want more you say?)