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President Camacho

Was going to post this in the SB thread, but I think that should be kept strictly to shouts so it doesn't get jewliann'd. Here is the post in question:

President Camacho said:

  1. A moment ago - Thomas777 :
    Jews have an extraordinarily narrow horizon, and their view of the world is hyper-political. I believe Jews are what people were like 2000 years ago.
  2. A moment ago - Thomas777 :
    Jews can't do anything other than attack, because they're purely political and politics is the organization of violence. ''Diplomacy'' or peaceful coexistance doesn't exist to them because they're fossils.


BAP why do you say this? Are Jews particularly apolitical? Or are they a strictly defensive race, always on the run from vicious Europeans and Muslims?


I'd be interested in his reply. Hyperion strikes me as a brilliant but profoundly silly guy, who will probably aim to deflect the question with appeals to ancient history. Which I suppose is more tolerable than the Jared Taylor canned response (''polite White people don't talk about Jews'') but is nonetheless just as obfuscatory.


I think the essence of the JP is that Jews are humbugs. The danger does not consist at all in their aggressiveness, but in *believing* their claims, or crediting them. Whether they are aggressive or defensive in posture is entirely beside the point -- from a military perspective, to believe a feint is to place your forces at risk. It does not matter in the least what the posture of the feint is.

The Jewish problem can be entirely solved by 'active ignore', and a follow up policy of prohibiting them from 'high cred' fields such as banking and education. The Byzantine Empire lived peaceably, with its Jews, for a millennium, on this precise basis.

The other well-known solution is not provably stable, because Aryans have consciences, and feel guilty about attempted mass killings -- even imagining them. The Puritans buckled after hanging 4 Quakers -- a proceeding as well merited as any gas van -- and look at where we are today. Mommy coddling Anabaptist vanity, as if we didn't know the outcome.

You're addressing the problem as a physicist would I think. Politics isn't binary. The solution isn't either to accommodate hostiles or annihilate them; and the fact that the prospect of physical annihilation always couches discussion of Jewish power in every venue (public and private) is proof of the fact that history has been hijacked by Jewish preferences.

Why Jews were annihilated when Europe went to war with them is a question about war and the modern state, and how politics became ''total'' in the modern state. Its not a question that is peculiar to Jewish/European enmity or a question that calls for a study of the Aryan mind and ethics.
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President Camacho

I see BAP is cowering in fear...