Dilithium Crystals No Longer Needed for Creating Anti-Matter: Lightening Works

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Dr. Heywood R. Floyd

Corbomite > Dilithium


I'm not sure I ever saw that one.


I only saw the show in re-runs, in the early 70s, when it aired on the 'independent' station right before 'Speed Racer' (which I didn't bother to watch because Japanese animation was inferior in those days, except for lulz and Gamera reruns). I stopped watching TV altogether around the time Star Trek was turned into cartoons, 1973 say. Though I remember breaking my rule to watch Nixon's resignation speech in 1975.

I should also mention that the same TV station aired Tarzan (Friday evenings) and Charlie Chan (Sunday Afternoons) with impunity. America was a different country then. Confucius say: Ungawa, Cheetah.