South Korea Wants Reunification, Not Dialogue, and Soon

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South Korean and American firms must look on North Korea as a giant untapped reserve of natural and human resources. All the cheap labor, mines, drills, and unbuilt infrastructure, a true fortune to be made. There are frequent references to West and East Germany in Seoul, how they would like that for their country. They might not have the patience for pleas of 'tear down this wall', especially when the Communist side seems hot on the barrel.
Niccolo and Donkey

The DDR was only one-fourth the size of the FRG in respect to population. That's a lower ratio than that of ROK-DPRK. An immediate absorption would be ineffective and possibly harmful simply due to the economic disparity between the two, and this doesn't even touch upon pronounced cultural differences stemming from living apart for so long.

In the case of a DPRK collapse, the best would be an interim arrangement followed by a gradual reunion over two decades.


Unification Germany-style indeed would be harmful.

Though a colony-like policy towards the North would be more than profitable in the long run.