South Korea: No Tweeting with the Enemy

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Also illegal, 'liking' North Koreans on Facebook. @ signs are punishable with jail time and RT's with a stiff fine? Probably best to just stop talking to anyone named Kim for now, if you are South Korean ....

South Koreans trying to tweet with North Korea will be punished, Seoul officials have warned, as the communist state ratchets up an online propaganda drive via popular websites such as Twitter and YouTube.

The Justice Ministry, in its 2011 operation plan, said those who forward the North’s Twitter postings to others or post comments on its postings via “retweet” or “reply” will face punishment.
There was no information on what kind of punishment the offenders will face.
“This is a measure in response to North Korea’s recent attacks on the South Korean navy ship Cheonan and Yeonpyeong island, which signified the importance of national security,” JoongAng Daily quoted deputy Justice Minister Hwang Hee-Chul as saying.

Sing-songing will still be allowed, however.

President Camacho
North Korea... utilizes twitter as an offensive weapon? I guess the tweets come from straight from Kim's desk, as he's the only one up there with a computer.