On the Civil Disabilities of the Jews in Britain

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Bob Dylan Roof
Macaulay's speech below is a useful example of the power that public representative government has to alter the character of a nation. Of course most of the damage had been done the year before with the Reform Act, but the logical consequence of the reform is illustrated below.

On the Civil Disabilities of the Jews in Britain

Mises Daily: Tuesday, November 09, 2010 by Thomas Babington Macaulay

[This article is excerpted from The Liberal Tradition from Fox to Keynes , newly back in print from the Mises Institute . It comes from Macauley's speech in the House of Commons on the civil disabilities of the Jews , April 17, 1833.]

When the question was about Catholic emancipation , the cry was, "See how restless, how versatile, how encroaching, how insinuating, is the spirit of the Church of Rome. See how her priests compass earth and sea to make one proselyte, how indefatigably they toil, how attentively they study the weak and strong parts of every character, how skillfully they employ literature, arts, sciences, as engines for the propagation of their faith. You find them in every region and under every disguise, collating manuscripts in the Bodleian, fixing telescopes in the observatory of Peking, teaching the use of the plough and the spinning-wheel to the savages of Paraguay. Will you give power to the members of a church so busy, so aggressive, so insatiable?"
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