Whitespace Reopens ... With Multichannel Chat

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http://macrobius.weremight.com/whitespace has been de
-spammed (mostly by turning the blog feature off. We had a 2-month spam-blogging attack in Hebrew character set. I have no idea what about.

I have added multichannel chat (Rather IRC like - you can create your own channels).

1. Once you have an account, login and click the 'Chat' menu option, or browse to:


2. Type '/join sb' to join the Shoutbox, or /join whatever you want to create a channel.

Latest publically available content is here:


Much more is visible if you are logged in, or join one of the social groups. You may create your own groups.

I have disabled the 'blog' feature for now, since it was being badly spammed. I'm working on an upgrade to version 1.7.1 on my development box.