10 Myths of Hymen

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Especially information intended to provide from a Male Alpha, I believe, after just one quick reading this is revealed simply. There was mention of unicorn being tamed by a virgin, so even beta Kriger was once involved in a hymen, at the end of a rainbow, perhaps. Much written here so Sasha is knows! In the rest of posters, like the Bulan and other non-mutually excused Jew sperm-wastrels: he does not likely cares. The outlook is poor for contemporary hymen preservationists, a future in this profession does not seem to be in high demand. Already de-hymen'd women laugh for knowledge of having no choice but to know and get the betters of these common mythunderstandings.



This is what I try and explain to the male of the species. With much difficulty my matriarchal wisdom is passed on as sugarytits are pronounced in such conversations.

Hymen - the unique parts of the female body. It is only the female person, the higher apes and some species of antelope. Purpose pellicle is unknown. There are two assumptions. First - it serves to protect the internal genital organs, the second - it prevents too early sexual activity.

A long time ago were considered a virgin, and even special beings endowed with magic properties. Remember one of the most popular artistic subjects: virgin, taming a unicorn? In our mundane time accepted that the hymen - a fold of mucous membrane of the vagina. No mysticism, solid anatomy.

It was believed that the deprivation of virginity, that is, taming Foremothers, mortally dangerous for any man, and in particular - for her future husband. This is where the groom came to the aid of more experienced comrades. Why does the presence or absence of virginity is still someone cares? Perhaps, in our interpretation genetic memory, which is ingrained in our brains, like TV set-therapist 1990 Anatoly Kashpirovsky?

Bob Dylan Roof


Niccolo and Donkey

obviously the two posters above have never had a hymen. they just dont get it.

Bob Dylan Roof
Do you talk to your hymen in broken Rewskie-English?
A man should be gentle and affectionate, and should not make sudden movements.