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A pioneering work in genetical genealogy came to interesting conclusions, disapproving the great asiatic admixture in the genetical pool of Russians.


Moreover, the study shows that Russians are divided into two bigger group, the Northerners (like me), who are genetically more related to Swedes, Finns, Germans, than the rest of the Russian population,

And the Southerners, who reside more in the Moscow region and southern regions, who are closer to Ukrainians and Poles genetically.
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Can anyone post a study in English with a genetic map that also shows distances to East Asians as well as to Central Asians, Volga Finns, etc.? This map doesn't include the latter so it's hard to interpret it in the way that you do. It shows Russians clustering with Ukrainians and Polish, and it would be entirely unremarkable if the latter too had heavy admixture from steppe Mongoloids.