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MOGADISHU (Sunatimes)- Heavy gun battle has again erupted in Buurhakaba district some 110 kilometers southwest of the Somalia capital Mogadishu between Al-Shabaab and Hizbul Islam militias, witnesses told Suntimes on Saturday – the fighting is over the control of the town.

The latest confrontation began early this morning when fighters loyal to Hizbul Islam launched an attack in attempt to recapture the town from Al-Shabaab militants.

Casualties of deaths and wounds on both sides were reported during the war.

The fighting had an impact on the business activities as hundreds of civilians began to flee their houses to escape any casualty.

Unconfirmed reports say that Hizbul Islam militia, who lost Buurhakaba week ago, has now retaken it from Al-Shabaab after hours of fighting.

Buurhakaba – which is strategic town in Bay region in southwest Somalia- has been in the hands of Hizbul Islam group for two years before starting the abhorrence with Al-Shabaab that is affiliated with Al-Qaeda terror network.

Kismayo (Sunatimes) Al-shabab militias in Kismayo district today burnt in open field a bulk of medicines they have collected form Kismayo’s general hospital and private clinics in the area.
The militias claimed that the drugs were expired and they could not allow them to be given to the patients.
One of the shabab militias claiming to be the quality officer of the group said that most of the drugs they have destroyed today were collected from the main drugs store of Kismayo’s public hospital.
However, the director of Kismayo general hospital Dr. Sheikh Ali could not confirm whether the drugs destroyed by Shabab were expired or fit for consumption as he refused to comment on the reason why the drugs were burnt.
Al-shaba militias have in the past destroyed drugs and relief food the belongs to public institutions and humanitarian organizations.


As Shabaab is going nowhere. Its odd how the original Islamists have been totally uprooted from within by young AQ types. Very odd.