Recording of an interview with Carl Schmitt on partisan warfare (in German)

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Bob Dylan Roof

Below is a link to a recording of the Maoist Joachim Schickel interviewing Carl Schmitt. Schmitt developed a cult-like following among Maoists in the wake of his lecture in Spain on the concept of partisan warfare, which praised Mao's discussion of spheres of influence in the context of international politics. After Schmitt recoiled into his own "san casciano" (the name of the villa Machiavelli retired to after being tortured and exiled for his political activities), Maoists like Schickel began making pilgrimages to Plettenberg in order to do interviews like this one.

The interview is in German and covers Schmitt's concept of the partisan - his legal status, his essential characteristics - as well as other issues related to the philosophy of warfare, Mao, Che, Clausewitz, terrorism etc.