Pepe Escobar on al-Qaida

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Niccolo and Donkey
Pepe Escobar tells us what's really going on with al-Qaida through his interpretation of the Wikileaks cables:

Who are they now?

Scattered groups:


Watching the Muslim world's reaction to AQ since 1988, its clear that the next pan-Islamist organization must never:
1. Waste time justifying its actions, begging for support, answering charges against it, or working on its image.
2. Engage in insurgent warfare, strike at military, or attack unconcerned civilians.
3. Allow itself to operate under more than one hierarchy.
4. Intend a long term campaign.

The Muslim world needs an organization that will work quietly, unnamed, perhaps not even taking credit or issuing statements. It should target with precise assassination individuals and specific organizations that can be confirmed as directly responsible for policies that harm the Ummah. An example, such a group would be wise to strike the hydroelectric and irrigation firms, and investors, that prompt he Indian government to enforce its occupation of Islamic Jammu & Kashmir... or another example, hit groups like the AEI before they can agitate for wars against Muslim nations. If they oppose Amerian support for Israel, AIPAC holds an annual conference hosting ~5,000 people... sick a martyr like Muhammed Atta on that. Or if you want to overthrow secular regimes, systematically kill off its members and supporters, a hundred Benazhir Bhuttos.

Al Qaeda has with a great deal of success weakened the US and sent it down the path they intended... but all in all... Osama and Ayman have yet to get what they really want. They're too hamfisted, and view themselves too epically, to work efficiently and quickly. History's pages are turning too fast for them.

I don't know about that.

Giap and Ho Chi Minh won simply by not losing and maintaining an ability to field forces that could consistently generate casualties and discredit the political organs of their enemies. They didn't need to do anything other than maintain revolutionary fervor among military age peasants.

Al Qaeda doesn't need to present a grand theory of history or to find a way to utterly sabotage infrastructure to get what it wants. It fought the Red Army for a decade and survived; all it needs to do at present is continue to discredit America by maintaining an ability to wage asymetrical war.
Niccolo and Donkey

Aims of al-Qaida (that have been told to us) include the following:

1. invite American and allied invasions of several countries to stretch them thin - done
2. use continuous asymmetrical war to bleed their economy dry - happening
3. use this to radicalize Muslim populations globally - far from being done, although loathing of the USA has greatly increased
4. overthrow secular and American based regimes - failed