Mt. Everest is an open graveyard with the abandoned dead lying all around

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Niccolo and Donkey
Abandoned on Everest :

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Cadavre Exquis

Sky burials FTW! Ascend into the heavens!

President Camacho

Bahh... supposedly K-2 is much harder to climb and takes may more fatalities per climber.

I climb Everest while I'm half asleep holding my nuts

Bob Dylan Roof

This captivated me. The youtube documentary at the link reveals an ethical divide between climbers, some of whom carry their duty-to-my-fellow-man ethic up the mountain with them, and some of whom adhere to an altitude-based ethic. The latter regularly leave the weak to die on the slopes of the death zone and then suffer opprobrium from the moralists upon return. There is a white South African ice queen in the film who is accused on three separate occasions of failing to perform a duty to her fellow man.

Yes, in the documentary a professional climber says any idiot could climb Everest on the right day. However the threat posed by Everest comes from the weather and the size of its "death zone," which regularly combine to kill average climbers. Since Everest is taller, it stands to reason that its death zone will be larger than K-2's.

Edit: has the highest fatality rate.

The mountain tops are empty. Occasionally you'll see a Yeti. It is time to explore the deep sea more. Fthagn!


Think I'll hang

Dr. Heywood R. Floyd

It probably wouldn't have been possible to save that guy, but someone should have at least tried to bring him down alive. Surely saving his life would have meant more than bragging rights about making it to the top? If the mountain had never been scaled, that'd be one thing, but these people are basically just LARPing as explorers. To do nothing for a fellow in that state is grossly degenerate. Your mountain climbing hobby is not as important as the life of a fellow man. I am disgusted.


Whether we concede it begrudgingly or not, the meh-teh will have his calf.

Niccolo and Donkey

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