Open Thread: what would you like to see at this forum?

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Niccolo and Donkey


Please forward your suggestions for this forum. It can take any form such as organizational to aesthetic appearance and so on.

Give us your recommendations.


Respect towards each others as members, and, most crucially, a shared ideal of egalitarianism and diversity.

Bulan The Khazar

-Delete my account
-Change Cornelio's name to Bulan The Khazar
-Ban hyperion


tax help subforum


-Rotating banners would be interesting. I can design them (with paintbrush) or at least give some ideas.
-Alternatively: a different banner for every subforum, or at least for the most important ones.
-Keep drama to a minimum. This was flawlessly achieved in the old Salo forum, I hope the forum can stay this way.
-Install flag system.
-Change the name/description of one of the subforums related to art so there's a place where to post about literature. Alternatively: create a literature subforum.
-Change my name to "Serious Internet Turk".
-Write some kind of statement about the ideas behind the forum. Define the personality of this place, even if in an humorous manner. That will appeal to the little hipster inside us all.
-The shoutbox needs to be made wider. Also, when you post an image you have to scroll down to see it fully -- this needs to be corrected by the geek squad.
-We need a radio show. Contact O'Zebedee for this. I can also contribute if there's enough beer at hand. In other forums the radio show is merely background noise, but done by a professional like O'Z it could be one of our most distinctive features. Everybody could participate in the show, if not by calling by writing for it, suggesting music or voice clips, etc. -- i.e. it should be more interactive that other radio shows where the host just talks and talks for an hour.
-Change my name to " Il Barone Rampante".
-Confine the inside jokes to the Shoutbox, or we will never attract new, non-COC members.
-I'm sure some now vanished excellent users from the past could be interested in this new place if they were informed about its existence: dangerbot, etc. Contact them (via T777?).
-Change the date format of the posts. Instead of saying the day of the week, display the actual date.
Most of us are unemployed and have a hard time remembering what day of the week we are living in.

Niccolo and Donkey
Agreed. I'd like to do it like how we did it at Speakeasy and have a different skin for different forums, each with their own unique banner.

Drama is a forum mainstay. Keeping it to a minimum will be the work of all of us.

My brother is looking into that.

I'll create a literature subforum in La Piazza.


Okay. I will work on a mission statement and ask members to chip in.

Geek squad will look into it.

Let's flesh this out in a thread.


That would require a disciplined community.


My brother will look into that.

Nevermind, I just noticed the Pop-up option. By clicking on it you get a full-screen shoutbox.


Larger avatars, or at least make it so that they don't have to be a perfect square.

Niccolo and Donkey
I'll have my brother look at it since it might affect the layout.

Some kind of device to indicate whether or not a poster is online when you are reading a thread. Other forums have a green dot.