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Niccolo and Donkey

Please list issues that you're having with the XenForo software here.

Please note that the shoutbox is an add-on, independent of XenForo. However if the SB is acting buggy, let us know about that as well.


Bulan The Khazar

Today I went AFK for a few hours and didn't close my browser

When I got back I had the following error for salo forum.


Member 13

That comes up pretty often, Bulan.

Bulan The Khazar

first time i've seen it here. Pretty sure I have left the salo tab open for hrs in the past as well and never saw it.

President Camacho

Reply box is buggy in that it annoyingly reformats your text size smaller in certain cases (even when the previous text is not small), and the quotes themselves sometimes become truncated-- ie, one phrase in a quote tag will appear split down the middle (usually at a line break) into two distinct quotes.

The script continuously runs on your computer from your browser.
What it does: It keeps grabbing data from the chat database (which stores everything put into the chat) and relays new stuff to the user.
Why the message comes up: If for any reason the script is unable to communicate with the database for a set amount of time (might be 20 seconds, might be a minute, I don't know) it will suspend attempts at communicating with the database and that message will come up. I'm suspect to believe that the amount of time is the number of seconds between chat refreshes. Maybe if I increase it, it will happen less often.
I'm going to chalk that up as Web 2.0 suckiness which is out of any mortal's power to fix. When you implement shit that's way to fancy and has too many working parts, it'll break in too many places.
There is a repetitive bug when you for example point a mouse to alert/inbox or some other drop down menu button, and when you click, before this menu drop down, you get uncaught error/unspecified error

The text in the text box, when I format it, looks different to what you get, when you press the start a thread button. Sizes change, all intervals between abstracts disappear, so I have to redo them in an edit mode.

Sure, one can do it in html, but wtf, this wysiwyg software should at least be good for something.

Niccolo and Donkey

General Butt Naked will only appear online (to both regular users and admins when visible and to admins when invisible) only at times. Other times he is not on the list yet posts, etc.


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