Building the case for a a Just War (Bellum Iustum) with Libya

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Niccolo and Donkey

The Telegraph UK is reporting that:

This might be somewhat sensationalistic in light of what follows from the same article:

This portion of the article does seem to somewhat mitigate the claim that he has "demanded" £4 billion from the EU.

Should the Telegraph be correct and this is a demand, the grounds are being laid for a Just War against the Libyan regime since it could then be legitimately viewed as a threat to the sovereignty of European states by engaging in such blackmail especially if found aiding and abetting illegal immigration across the Mediterranean.
Anthony Cash

Anything that would stop the first world from becoming the third world's dumping ground for it's problems is okay by me. Other than that I don't know why anyone should take Gaddafi, or whatever else he says to be taken seriously at all, (e.g. his idea to dismember Switzerland)?