The Bourgeoisie as a Positive and Progressive Force in Human History

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Niccolo and Donkey

All of us are quite familiar with the Class Warfare contained in Marxist Philosophy and how the dreaded Bourgeoisie were their most loathed targets.

In our present times, the bourgeois are loathed either as Yuppies or "Bobos" (Bohemian Bourgeois) and are ridiculed as objects of scorn even if secretly envied for their economic position even if lamented for their uniformity of opinion and lifestyle that seems that as the bedrock of the political form we now live under.

Deidre McCloskey claims the opposite: that the Bourgeoiesie are the real revolutionaries :

On the accumulation of wealth:

Speaking to Marx:

In the context of history:

Bronze Age Pervert
McCloskey is ignorant? Didn't Marx for example know very well that the French Revolution was a bourgeois phenomenon, and that the replacing of the feudal order with the bourgeois order and modes of production was itself a revolutionary event...something that she seems to be describing here. None of the thinkers she mentioned, including Rousseau and Flaubert, and no anti-bourgeois thinker I know of in fact, doesn't know that modernity was revolutionary and that modernity has been overall a bourgeois age, at least up until the 20th century, but even after. It sounds like she took some kind of cliche from TV about stodgy bourgeois and made it into a book.

More interesting would have been a study about how supposedly anti-bourgeois movements like all varieties of Marxism, etc., have been led by bourgeois activists. Plato may have more insight here though, see his explanation of how "drones" lead to the destruction of oligarchy, democracy, etc.