lady gaga cd used to smuggle top secret us government details

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Lady Gaga has found herself at the centre of the much publicised 'Wikileaks Scandal' after it was discovered that thousands of sensitive US government documents were copied onto CD's officers believed contained the 'Bad Romance' stars music.
Amongst the information leaked to the infamous Wikileaks website include claims that the Chinese government regularly hack computers, discussions regarding a US invasion of Iran and allegations of 'innapropriate behaviour' from a member of the British Royal Family.
The documents were allegedly leaked by Bradley Manning, a gay soldier who claimed he wanted to unleash "worldwide anarchy" with the documents.
Manning, 22, who has been in solitary confinement for seven months following the leak said he got the information from his Army base outside Baghdad with rewritable CDs "labeled with something like Lady Gaga" and quietly transfer secrets to the CDs.

"No one suspected a thing," he said. "Kind of sad."
Lady Gaga spoke up for gay people in the military earlier in the year, hitting out at the Don't Ask, Don't Tell ruling that prohibited homsexuals frombeing open and honest about their sexuality whilst serving in the armed forces.
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I wouldn't expect anything less than short-sighted behavior like this from a homosexual Keynesian.