Wikileaks to be listed as a terrorist group?

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Niccolo and Donkey

Many in the American governing class are very upset with the latest dump of diplomatic cables by Wikileaks.

Republican Congressman Peter King of New York wants Wikileaks to be a listed as a terrorist group :

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Bob Dylan Roof

The data coming in about the United States' posture toward Iran will continue to produce some very interesting political results. So far the leaked documents purport to show Iran engaging in nefarious activity with Sunni insurgent groups and the Taliban; and they also demonstrate that the United States is under pressure to attack Iran not only from Israel, but also from Saudi Arabia and other Arab states. Thus we have simultaneously a mountain of evidence conveniently leaked for the purposes of justifying war with Iran and confuting Mearsheimer-Walt-type arguments that Israel is alone in lobbying the U.S. against Iran.