Why governments now suddenly pretend that COVID is over

When it comes to COVID, Israel is the canary in the coal mine. Hospital admissions can be distorted by people admitted for unrelated problems. For ICU admissions, that’s less applicable. So I figured I would check how Israel is doing. Here you should be able to see the data for yourself:

I included every country that has data available. And what do we see at the top on the right? Israel. I don’t have an explanation for Latvia. With a population of 1.9 million, it’s tempting to dismiss them as statistical noise. However, these numbers should lead anyone who insists that it doesn’t matter that we now face the most infections ever on a daily basis to reconsider what happens when a highly vaccinated population is exposed to this virus.

With the exception of Latvia, no other country in this list has ever seen as many ICU admissions for this virus as Israel is now seeing. Israel was first to begin giving booster shots to the whole population. Israel now has the highest rate of ICU admissions of all countries that report the numbers. Everyone is now insisting that boosters are the way to get Omicron under control. This seems like the sort of contradictory data point that would lead you to stop and reconsider whether this is really the right way to address the problem.

Remember, all the authorities who caused this disaster are now eager to downplay COVID. Whereas they told you a year ago to stay inside at all cost, they now tell you that rising numbers of infections suddenly don’t matter, because you won’t be hospitalized. And yet, triple vaccinated -soon to be quadruple vaccinated- Israel is seeing record hospital admissions, which will now lead to record ICU admissions in the coming days.

The other thing I feel like noting, is that the zero COVID wokies make a valid point. Hospital admissions for young children are looking terrible. Their innate immune system normally handles this virus for them, but now that they are exposed to this virus on a constant basis because everyone is getting infected, we’re seeing more hospital admissions in children than ever before. Take a look at this: