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Hakan Rotmwrt

The banning of Hakan took so long because a twitter employee had to immerse himself in esoteric racial studies for years before he was able to finally understand a single tweet of his - afterwards pronouncing the verdict.

RIP 2015 - 2019

continue to pray to Yellowstone. concentrate on the magma chamber. we can end it here. we can end it for all time.

We must celebrate health and will to dominate. No more wheelchair ramps! Entrances must instead demand great feats of climbing and leaping.

keep on finding coins from parallel worlds in my couch. Nazi victory USA, Comanche victory in Indian War (they would later ally with nazis). 4 Jan 2016

More simply, fruit & vegetables taste like wood & flowers. Meat is altogether the best thing, & I hope for a purely carnivorous race of men.

who will view the whole world, even the other men they will speciate away from, with the binocular clarity of a total predator. 9 Aug 201?

Mohammedans worship a demonic entity named Termagant (demiurge 'YHWH' of the Jews).